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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  August 26, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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strike -- live from the bay area, this is kpix 5 news. the rally canceled. now, san francisco's city leaders are working to protect against violence at a new venue. hurricane harvey makes two land falls along the texas gulf coast but the danger is far from over. i am don champion in corpus christi with the latest on the storm, coming up. it is 7 am on this saturday, august 26. good morning! >> we begin with the patriot prayer rally which is supposed to take place today but at the last minute, organizers called it off saying they will hold an event at alamo square. he was a live look at alamo
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sq., park this morning. the patriot prayer group says it will hold a news conference at 2 pm. thousands could show up and it remains to be seen how the city will respond. and markovic is that the field this morning where park services of san francisco police have been preparing for a huge influx of protesters who may suddenly show up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning eczema what a change from what we were expecting at chrissy field from the information that we had this morning. you can see there is still plenty of fencing around chrissy field at the park will be open today and park police say that security is kind of a fluid situation right now because that announcement of the rally's cancellation came to a surprise -- came as a surprise to almost everyone yesterday afternoon. >> the city of freedom, we are experiencing a shutdown freedom of speech rally because of all the measures taken.
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>> reporter: during the past live broadcast, organizers blamed the city of san francisco mayor and congress mowing -- and congresswoman, nancy pelosi. the permit called for extra security measures like expanding backpacks, sticks, masks, weapons and tiki torches. some community leaders are theorizing that it was the extra security precautions that prompted the group to move away from chrissy field.>> we don't know the motivation. the permit holders, when they are on social media, indicating that they are going to cancel their rally. we don't know officially whether that has happened or not . >> reporter: we know it has been canceled. people -- police will be at the site. trying to keep the peace and really to be ready for everything.
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the visitor center and point will remain closed today but that is still a fluid situation, as well. a big situation for a lot of businesses around this area is whether or not to open today. many have decided they will even though they had originally planned to be closed today. there are going to be a lot of changes around this entire area of san francisco, today. live at chrissy field, and markovic, kpix 5 news .>> a quick question for you. there were a lot of planned street closures. do you know if the streets will be open? if transit is running through the area? if you can get to chrissy field, today? >> reporter: absolutely. the streets are open and they had planned on changing a lot of routes. all of those routes are now back to normal and they are back to their normal saturday schedule but you might want to keep an eye on twitter when it comes to it's because they also
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say this is going to be a fluid situation. not only around here but alamo square and city hall. >> many people think that protesters may still show up today. scott weiner last of the group's last-minute change saying "they did this after the national park service correctly placed significant security conditions on the permit including not carrying anything that could be used as a weapon." he went on to say patriot prayer is not simply free- speech but they want to create a volatile and chaotic, violent to the box. several other rallies are planned including a gathering in ocean beach where volunteers will create a huge human heart and counter protesters at the civic center will host an interface -- or, interface groups will host an event. a rally scheduled at berkeley tomorrow is still on but the event organizer has a new message for supporters and as chris shows us, they cannot
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promise that the protest will be peaceful. >> reporter: the organizer of the anti-marxism rally in berkeley maybe urging people to stay home at night, counter protesters are saying they are not backing down. in a long statement emailed, amber, the organizer behind the protests planned in berkeley this weekend urged supporters to stay home. i am asking that no one come to my vent. note to marxism in america. it will me -- it will be me alone attending she said. in good conscience, i cannot let this happen. >> we don't believe them. we don't trust what they will say. is like the premise lie all the time. >> reporter: believing it is an attempt to bring down attendance and says her counter protesters will show up, anyway. >> we intend to mobilize as
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many people as possible. saturday and sunday. >> reporter: tonight, a strong group of vendors met on campus at uc berkeley to talk about their strategy which is toast which -- not include pacifism. >> we are committed to making sure we can protect this community. in charlottesville, pacifism did not stop the in the back. >> reporter: also a ban on weapons and facemasks and she says it is not enforceable. in berkeley, kpix 5 news. the other big story this morning is hurricane harvey . going ashore with 130 mile an hour winds last night and it has been downgraded to a category one. it is the fiercest storm to hit the u.s. in more than a dozen years and this is just the beginning. don champion is in the thick of it.
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>> reporter: bands of torrential rain and high winds pounded the gulf coast all night. harvey first made landfall about 30 miles northeast of corpus christi as a category for mike hurricane. the most intense storm to hit the u.s. in more than a decade. 125 mile an hour winds took aim at the town of rockport. part of the high school caved in and the hotel is missing part of its third floor. nearby, winds whipped up flames and destroyed three homes. the monster storm is weakening the tornadoes are possible and up to 3 feet of rain. already, more than 200,000 people are without power. it has prompted a boil water advisory here in corpus christi . anyone who stays behind has been told to boil their water before they can consume it. as harvey approached, officials urged coastal residents to evacuate. many boarded buses and headed inland. greg abbott visited a shelter in san antonio.
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>> the most important thing you could do is to safeguard your own life. >> reporter: flood prone houston and the city's more than 2 million residents as well as key oil refineries. harvey is expected to stick around for days and could spin back into the gulf and strike again next week. don champion, cbs news, corpus christi, texas. california has already deployed an urban search and rescue team to texas to help with the hurricane response efforts. firefighters and red cross volunteers will be joining them. their primary focus is preparing shelters and aiding the recovery effort. staff we have deployed six volunteers at this point in time. there was a little operational pause as the hurricane makes landfall and we will support with additional resources as requested. >> president trump has already signed a disaster declaration and plans to travel to texas
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early next week. this will be the administration's first disaster response. >> when we briefed him on the preparations for this hurricane he is keenly focused that the american people have what they need. julie watts has also been tracking hurricane harvey with the latest. julie? >> we are tracking hurricane harvey here and as you can see, pi has moved on shore. as it moved inland, the winds decreased significantly. 25 miles west of victoria texas. when speeds sustained at 25 miles an hour and upwards of 120 but notice the movement. very slowly, 6 miles an hour. harvey has installed and sort of meandered in southeast texas and that is increasing the chance of catastrophic flooding in the area and that is what we are keeping our eye on. notice over the next couple of days that when speeds will decrease down to 60 miles an hour by sunday but rain will continue as we are not talking
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about a little bit of rain. we are talking about up to 40 inches of rainfall combined with storm surge. a 6-12 foot -- storm surge continues and this is through wednesday so we are looking at potential catastrophic flooding that will continue back closer to home. we have a heat advisory in effect and we are looking at double-digit temperatures and concerning weather conditions locally and we will talk about that senior full forecast it just a bit. and oakland firefighter shot and killed while off-duty in san jose will be laid to rest today. jake walters was at a concert in san jose last week when a gunman opened fire. walters was 30 years old and had graduated from the oakland fire department academy in april. a memorial will be held this morning and it starts with a procession from the chapel of the chimes to the scottish rite ctr. where a service will begin at 11:00. in santa clara, a nasty showdown on the sidelines of levi stadium. the cop is accusing the mayor of lousy leadership. >> these politically motivated attacks must stop. they must
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stop! you are hurting our city.>> even in the often acrimonious politics, it was an extraordinary moment. >> your rhetoric has unfairly tarnished the reputation of the santa clara police department and many city employees. >> mike sellers is giving full voice to months of frustration and accusing the mayor of putting her ego, her agenda and her personal grievances against the 49ers ahead of the city's best interest. >> being in law enforcement and for the past year, it seems like [ indiscernible ] has been tarnished with all of the allegations being addressed to our department and throughout the city and it seemed like it was time for me to speak the truth to everybody. >> the comments came in the middle of a meeting of the setting of authority. the audit team estimates the 49ers owe the city roughly $150,000 for unpaid police and fire services at the stadium event.
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although city staff says the actual number could be far lower, closer to 20 or 25,000. >> there is no corruption stench, collusion. >> whatever the number, she says the mayor's claims are being mismanaged. both inaccurate and unfair. >> the mayor has got to start speaking the truth and not accusing others of misappropriations of funds and all of these other allegations because morale is at its lowest. >> last week, voting to deny a curfew extension for the concert suggesting politics those suggesting these remain aside. >> we reached out to the mayor for comment and it is a topic that she is typically eager to discuss but on friday, had no comment. coming up, the new rail service that hits the track with north bay commuters. plus, ground zero for driverless cars and hour first look at google's self driving city in the valley.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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francisco's alamo square park, where police are starting to put up barricades in preparation for a "news conference" by the group "patriot prayer". this after the group "canceled" their planned rally at crissy field. we are looking live at san francisco's alamo sq., park where police are starting to put up barricades in preparation for a news conference by the group patriots prior. roads will be open and many will be operating as normal in the marina and surrounding areas. after months of delays, the various newest mass transit system is finally in-service. borders boarded yesterday.
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construction will start later this summer on a plan of extension to larkspur and will eventually run all the way to cloverdale. we get an inside look at the tesco facility. the company created a fake town to test its self driving cars. the area is a real-world training ground. google built a 91 acre test track within our curves, sidewalks, traffic lights, a railroad crossing and a roundabout. officials say it is the perfect area for a company to train. >> we have a workforce that is growing and becoming more educated. we have a lower cost of living. we have ample space to grow. from a valleywide perspective, we believe we are very well poised to meet the needs of industry in the future. >> so far, this is the largest self driving training track in
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the country. we are transitioning to the weather and we are getting ready for a hot one. starting off, take a look at this. it is really interesting. we have a compressed marine layer making for a wall of dense fog for some along the coast. that is something to be mindful of as you're heading out today. most folks are seeing sunny skies but along the coast, portions of the east bay and along the water are going to see what appears to be very dense fog. it is a compressed marine layer and it will max out over the next hour. so what we are looking at is a nice mild start and we are in the 50s for most spots. 61 in livermore and 61 in san jose. and we will see some temperatures really warming up today. in fact, as we get into pleasanton, 104. saturday, for santa rosa, the torti fox, 90 degrees. 71 in
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san francisco. so, talking about is a light perspective, why are we seeing these temperatures? the same area of high pressure that is going to kick off a heat wave for us is really what is helping to stall the hurricanes on the east coast and it is going to stick around for a few days. we are talking temperatures at 20 degrees above average. and when you see sustained weather like that, that is when we start to get concerned. the highest temperature is going to be away from the water. still warm by coastal standards but not hot along the coast and around the bay. away from the water, temperatures are in the mid-90s to triple digits and we are staying warm overnight. is getting down to the 60s and the 70s and this is why we have an -- a heat advisory. temperatures increased today and tomorrow. already triple digits for our east bay locations.
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90s for the south bay, today. near 70 on the coast and warm coastal standards. inland temperatures reaching 103 and 104 and i would not be surprised to see a couple of outliers even warmer than that and lunch. and triple digits up north. the extended forecast shows that we are topping out in the warmest spots. 103. 105 for sunday and monday and a little dip midweek before going back to triple digits and this will be a sustained heat wave. devon, back to you. home warranties cover everything from appliances to [ indiscernible ] but is it really worth it? your consumer watch. it is here, everybody! the fight, tonight! mayweather and mcgregor. who do you got? we got that and we got baseball weekend. but it is unusual. i will explain in a bit.
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whole foods shoppers might jokingly refer to the store as "whole paycheck"... but starting monday.. they could be ir grocery good morning and welcome back. it is time for our consumer watch this weekend. whole food shoppers could be saving money on the grocery bill starting monday when amazon takes over after buying the store. whole foods is known for expensive groceries but amazon says they are trying to change the stores image. starting next week, whole foods will be lowering prices and offering discounts to amazon prime members. it is just one of the
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downsides of homeownership. tough breaks. home warranties could be a good option for many but a warranty warning after one bay area couple came to us for help. >> reporter: he and his wife, relatives of a kpix employee have not had a working refrigerator for seven weeks and rely on ice to keep their remaining food from spoiling. >> we have thrown out everything at this stage and it's got to be probably $500 worth of food. >> reporter: like many seniors, they pay monthly for a home warranty to protect them from things like this. home warranties can be useful for older homes. an essential umbrella contract to cover things that are not insured. depending on your plan, they can cover everything from heating and plumbing to your garage door and refrigerator. when the couples bridge went out nearly 2 months ago, their first the call was to home -- first american, their home
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warranty company. they are supposed to cover small repairs and appliance fixes when necessary. first american did send out a local third-party contractor who attempted to fix the refrigerator, four times. >> nobody knows if they have ordered parts. >> reporter: but instead, the couple says the contractor damaged their floor. >> it is important to ask the contracting company who they contract within their area. >> reporter: they say it is, to send out a third party but they are responsible for the contractor's work and they can't work on repairs and definitely.>> most home warranty policies include a provision. they will replace the replies -- they will replace the appliance but that could be at a appreciative value. >> reporter: and chuck and his wife are not even offered that. when fed up, they called us and we called first american and within a few days, the couple had a new refrigerator and an
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offer to repair their damage to floor. >> you don't know how much you're missing until you don't have them. >> reporter: that third contractor -- have very poor ratings online. first american would only say it checked for a license and insurance before choosing the contractor but refused to comment on references. they also would not say how long someone has to wait before they will replace and appliance. in this case, it took two months and a call from a tv station. a reminder, if you have a question, send us an email at consumer watch. let's get to your sports roundup. good morning, everybody. we have a little baseball to lead us off. a special weekend around the big. the giants are in the desert. there is panda, pablo, the giants and arizona. the giants picture did not answer last night. paul of the diamondbacks, it was for-1. the diamondbacks cut it to four.
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4-3 is the final. crash is for chris davis. davis had two home runs against the rangers. this is the one-one tie in the seventh. the rangers last night, 3-1. in boxing, stormy weather -- meriwether and conor mcgregor. this is for tonight's fight in las vegas. mayweather, the overwhelming favorite. >> now that all of the talk is done, do you believe in your heart that they will be able to take it?>> they won't go the distance. mark my words! >> i will stop my foot -- i will stomp my foot. i see [ indiscernible ].
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>> talk is talk. the fights tonight, who do you got? come on. it was legit. legit! mayweather wins that fight, hands down. well, there might be some shady stuff happening. i will see you later. . it is 7:27. coming up, some gulf coast cities are already reporting significant damage from hurricane harvey. we will have an update. and a big change in plans for the patriots prayer rally and i am live at chrissy field with a new direction. protesters and counter protesters are planning to take. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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and i'm devin fehely.. today s "patriot prayer" rally at live, this is kpix 5 news. >> welcome back, it is about 7:30 . expect the patriots prayer rally has been canceled. the national park service did issue a permit but at the last minute, patriot prayer call it off and said they would hold an unpermitted event at alamo square to -- today, instead. the patriot prayer group says they will hold a news conference. anne makovic is live at crissy field where police say they are
7:31 am
preparing for the worst. >> reporter: certainly a change of events then we had at this time yesterday. you can see there is still plenty of fencing but the park is going to be open today and police say security here is a fluid situation as they prepare for a possible showdown at alamo sq., park this afternoon.>> they constantly put the police in danger. they put any local liberal lives in danger if they get away -- if they get in the way of this. that is what i am asking for and i am calling for and i hope the city of san francisco will protect us tomorrow at 2 pm at alamo park. >> reporter: that is the leader of the patriot group. the organizers of the canceled rally went on facebook live and blamed the city of san francisco mayor and congresswoman nancy pelosi for not doing enough but permits
7:32 am
that crissy field calls for extra measures like banning backpacks, selfie sticks, tiki torches and facemasks. some are fearing that it was that extra security precautions that prompted the group to move away from crissy field. >> whether it be the alamo or crissy field, we at the stadium have to be prepared and we will be. >> reporter: another live look at alamo square this morning where they are moving and barriers. san francisco police say that the press conference today -- not have a permit but they will allow it to continue as long as it does not seem to be a threat to public safety. a big concern is that the city did not have time to prepare an in depth security plan for alamo square but she says weapons have never been allowed at city park and they will be ready to handle any situation that comes up. here at crissy field, the presidio visitor center and [
7:33 am
indiscernible ] points will remain closed today but the roads around here are open and again, the plan is for the park to be open, as well. one thing that you might want to watch out for if you are coming down to crissy field today, you may have heard a lot of dog owners around here that were against the gathering. a were planning on letting their dogs run free to frankly, poop all over the place. so you might want to bring extra shoes or watch your step. back to you. >> i know a lot of businesses closed in anticipation of those protests. are they open or closed today? >> reporter: we heard from some of them and it is sort of a mixed bag . some are saying they wanted to remain close because they are not sure what is going to happen but others say they will be opening today. the community is also running a schedule today. and again, it is going to be fluid but in general, a lot of the concern seems to be focused more on alamo square.
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several other rallies are planned for today including a stop hate gathering where volunteers were creating in part a counter protest at the civic center hosted by interfaith groups and musicians. the city of berkeley denied a permit to organizers of tomorrow's anti-marxist rally. the rally is expected to go on, however. the city's police chief says that law enforcement is ready. the rally in berkeley's civic center park. but he says authorities have learned from past events and that this time around...there will be one major difference: >> the chief would not give specifics on how officers would handle violent clashes but says authorities have learned from past events and that this time around, there will be one major difference. the number of officers on the ground. >> we are prepared with a number of contingency plans to address that kind of problem . >> they have a peaceful event scheduled for tomorrow morning and some say to stay away from the civic center park throughout the rally. we will
7:35 am
have complete coverage of all of the bay area protests on-air and online at our website. severe damage from hurricane harvey and this is just the beginning. we are learning that there are at least three homes that have been destroyed after a fire broke out along the texas coast. flames quickly spread due to the hurricane high when. it is unclear how this fire started or if there were any injuries. last night, harvey roared ashore in corpus christi texas and a category four hurricane. it has since been downgraded to a category one. it has been the most intense storm to hit the u.s. in more than one dozen years and already 200,000 texas residents are without power. officials urged those on the coast to evacuate. many boarded buses and fled inland. >> i'm trying to be strong because i don't want my children to see. you know, they get scared. i
7:36 am
just have to be a strong mother for them. >> this is just the beginning and harvey is expected to stick around for days . it could strike again as soon as next week. we are taking a look at hurricane harvey. on our satellite perspective, you can see 25 miles west of victoria texas, when speeds are sustained at 75 miles an hour. wind gust at 100 miles an hour -- 120 miles an hour and those have the notion increased significantly -- those winds have increased significantly. meandering over southeast texas, the windspeed will decrease but we are focused on the rain and the storm surge and that is the big concern. to cast totals right now are showing up to 40 inches of rainfall through wednesday possible. that is more than some areas get in an entire year. storm surge, 6-12 feet and we
7:37 am
are looking at potential catastrophic flooding in the area and we will be keeping a close eye on the region through the next week or so. back your closer to home, we have our own severe weather to contend with. the heat advisory is turning to a heat warning for many. this is a location basically away from the water and highs are upwards of 95-107 and staying hot overnight. we will talk more about the heat advisory and a heat wave. new this morning, north korea state television just released these pictures of the leader and they appear to show him meeting with military officials and inspecting the troops. the broadcaster announced that it was a drill for a target striking contest. it says the army was filled with great enthusiasm to strike south korea with military force . meanwhile, the u.s. pacific command says the north fire debris short range missiles often on the east coast. the u.s. military says all of them failed in-flight. north korea has fired more than 20 missiles since february. according to the north american
7:38 am
aerospace command, this latest watch did not pose a threat to north america. meanwhile, a presidential problem has released a political storm this morning. his former arizona sheriff, joe arpaio and his possible jail time. some say it is a free pass for a man who illegally targeted immigrants. we have the reaction. >> was sheriff joe convicted for doing his job? >> reporter: on tuesday night in phoenix, president trump fired up supporters for joe arpaio it was found in criminal contempt for continuing to target and racial profiling. the president teased the crowd saying he was not going to pardon him that night because with a wink and a nod, he didn't want to cause any controversy. >> i will make a prediction. i think he is going to be just
7:39 am
fine, okay? >> [ cheering & applause ] >> and sure enough, he was right . the white house quietly announced president trump pardoned one of the most controversial law officials in the country. >> gratuitously blessing what he did and what he did was mantras -- monstrous. when the federal court called him on that, he openly defied the order. this would be a gross misuse of the pardon power. >> reporter: but the white house has a very different view of joe arpaio putting out its own statement and saying that after more than 50 years of admiral service to our nation, he is a worthy candidate for a presidential pardon. >> all of this on a night when another highly placed presidential advisor is on his way out . advising the president on national security issues but he was also a flamboyant spokesman and a lightning rod for controversy. dave ryan, kpix 5 news . this statement just returning, "by granting this
7:40 am
pardon, the president of these united states has emboldened white nationalists and made a mockery of the law." melissa kane as the former san francisco mayor, willie brown and his take on president trump and his take on fellow republicans. >> first and foremost and not his fellow republicans, this guy is such that he lands wherever it is convenient for him to land and wherever at the moment that he might be welcome . he took a hold of the republican party. he obliterated the republican party and they still have not gotten over it. >> more on that tomorrow morning right here at 7:30 on kpix 5 news . the san jose police department is launching a new campaign to recruit members of the lgbt community. the department plans to use these ads which show the actual families of three officers, a heterosexual couple, a gay male
7:41 am
couple and a lesbian couple. andy garcia is hoping to generate interest in the police force in san weekd. still ahead, rallies around the young cancer patient for heartwarming run on the field. inside the world of martial arts. how these kids are kicking their way to success. but first, the for 20 games take over san francisco from 8:00 until 2 pm at concourse drive in the park and in oakland, today and tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the chinatown street fast. it is an all day event on harrison and 11th st. and it is free. finally, the fair gets underway at menlo park and admission is free. rides and games cost extra at all the money goes to charity.
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this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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calling a "news conference" at two today... this after abruptly cancelling the rally it had planned at crissy field. san francisco's alamo sq., park this morning says it will hold what is described as a news conference at 2:00 this afternoon after abruptly canceling the rally it had planned for crissy field. and as mentioned earlier, two of the world's best spotters are going ahead tonight. floyd mayweather. here in america, an estimated 6.5 million kids are practicing mixed martial arts. a lot of students decided to pick up the sports to help build their self-confidence. >> what is the hardest thing to do out here? >> probably getting him to stand up and say he will do it . >> maybe 100 kids and now in the database, we probably got six or seven . >> doctors say there is not enough data to know how
7:45 am
dangerous this sport is for kids but it is important to try to protect them from head injuries like concussions. it is a dream come true for a courageous 10-year-old boy battling cancer. on wednesday, taylor was invited to practice with the usc trojans. he caught a pass with the team around him and ran for a touchdown. taylor's dad says they don't know how much time taylor has so they have been crossing the to do list office life list. he has gone and ridden roller coasters and even met lloyd mayweather. >> he said a true champion can adapt to anything. >> the night before the practice, taylor had received a blood transfusion in his hometown of las vegas . his family drove to the not to make it there for the practice. progress is being made on the oroville dam. the department of resources says the spillway is on schedule to meet the november 1 deadline for this year's repairs. demolition and preparation for
7:46 am
the main spillway that will be rebuilt is now complete. crews are on schedule to complete construction at the cutoff wall in late december or early january. now a check of your forecast for the weekend. we are looking at some fog to start off the day around the bay and along the coast but most folks have lots of sunshine and a heat wave is our main story. right now, outside temperatures are in the 50s for many locations. 51 in livermore and san jose. still chilly in santa rosa and 47, by comparison. we have seen some dense fog and a compressed marine layer along the bay. that will dissipate making way for warmer temperatures today and really increasing over the next couple of days. high pressure is in place and going to continue to build west. the it is going to stay pretty much in place and as it dies, the same high pressure that sparked our heatwave is what is stalling the hurricane over texas. so we are looking at sort of the same weather pattern with
7:47 am
two very different results. here, temperatures are surging 20 degrees above average. the warmer temperatures, the hottest temperatures away from the water. they are still going to be warm and not necessarily abnormal but warm along the coast in the bay. downright hot and triple digit heat wave for several days. heat advisory is in effect for today and tomorrow. south bay and north bay locations by sunday and monday. and this is for folks away from the water. 95-107 degrees. stay warm overnight. those only get down to the 60s and 70s and that those pose the risk of health concerns. temperatures today are definitely hot inland but not as hot as they are going to be. triple digits for concorde and 90s for many locations in the south bay. 70s on the coast. inland temperatures at 102 and 103 for the hottest spots, pittsburgh and brentwood and concorde. and hovering to the low 80s for
7:48 am
many locations around the bay. 90 for the north bay and it is going to be hot in napa, nevada. i would not be surprised to see a few outlying areas in the triple digits. make sure you state hydrated -- be sure to stay hydrated. 81 degrees over the weekend and the extended forecast shows sustained heat for the next week or so. we are talking warmer temperatures sunday and monday and helping out -- topping up to 105. 88 of a. we dip midweek before triple digits once again to the end of the week. devon, back to you. still ahead, using the love of fashion as a force for good. how a bay area woman is helping hundreds of charities.
7:49 am
sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. she has created a unique site that makes giving stylish.
7:50 am
>> this week's jefferson awards winner. >> 22 boxes of designer clothing and gave the proceeds to an inner-city youth nonprofit. >> there are $43,000 and we built a computer lab . >> reporter: christina, a personal shopper and professional fundraiser is onto something. >> we were like, oh my gosh . i wrote a business plan and i quit my job and we started. >> reporter: a three-year-old nonprofit that raises money for charities/ reselling donated or gently used designer fashions. they are sold at union and depths pop-up store or on its website and up to 90% off retail prices.
7:51 am
>> when we sell the item, we hand off 75% of the net proceeds that the donor has chosen. >> reporter: the remaining 25% goes toward running the nonprofit. >> $155 on the price tag but 116 will go to charity. >> these two skirts belonged to kelly osbourne. >> reporter: so far, union and fifth has sold several thousand objects and given more than $300,000 to local charities. they give jewelry and makeup to at risk women and girls. crissy hopes to expand with $20,000 that she hopes to raise. >> i have been amazed at how much, in terms of fundraising, has come through. >> reporter: for fashioning, a new model of charity giving and this week's report goes to
7:52 am
sharon. >> you can nominate online. -- you can donate online. it fo
7:53 am
field called for *extra security measures like banning backpacks, selfie sticks, masks, weapons, mace, and tiki torches. so some community leaders are theorizing that it was the extra security precautions that prompted the group to move away from crissy field. now the "patriot prayer group" is planning a press conference for today at alamo square park. and the nearby civic center will be the site of a rally and concert called "peace love and understanding" - said to be a family-friendly ts at noon. i am and met the victim live at crissy field were a group called patriot prayer has canceled [ technical difficulties ] ong as it doesn't seem to be a threat to public safety. but the chief says weapons have never been allowed at city be ready to >> the city of freedom and we are experiencing a shutdown a
7:54 am
freedom of speech rally because of all of the measures that were taken in the situation. >> we appear to have lost her signal that she is out at crissy field where there was a planned rally that has now been canceled. the group, patriot for prayer, had been given a permit to have a rally here today and they announced yesterday that they will be canceling it. they also announced they will be holding a press conference today at a new location at alamo square. i do believe we have and back of it back -- i do believe we have her back. >> reporter: some of the events that are going on today. you can see crissy field where i am. a planned press conference at 2 pm where patriot prayer plans to have some of their speakers at crissy field today and there is also going to be a big rally at the civic center plaza in
7:55 am
san francisco called "peace, love and understanding." that is said to be a family- friendly event that starts at noon and here's another a live look at alamo sq., park this morning where the city has been moving in fencing and barriers to prepare for whatever gathering they 4 2:00 this afternoon. that planned press conference that was announced yesterday is not have a permit but police will allow this prayer, a group to put that on as long as it doesn't not seem to be a threat to public safety. the police chief says and wants to reiterate that weapons have never been allowed at city park and they will be ready to handle whatever situation comes up. back out here at crissy field, the roads are open. most of the businesses that have been thinking about closing, not knowing what might happen here today are planning on being open. the park is open as well. but a couple of points near the golden gate bridge, they are going to remain closed.
7:56 am
this is very fluid over the last 24 hours and plans change and move. nobody knows what to expect at this point. live at crissy field, anne makovic, kpix 5 news . >> i know that some city leaders have questioned the motivation and the decision to move the press conference to another location. do you have any insight? because it seems that the organizers said they were concerned about safety and security, it seems like they have chosen to move to an area that is less secure and less safe. what is your read on that? >> some city leaders are basically calling the organizers of the rallies blocked saying they are just trying to get to an area, as you mentioned, it has left security and what has been plans for crissy field at the organizers say that basically, the media has sort of ramped up the whole emotional pull on the situation and that it is simply not safe for them to be here at
7:57 am
crissy field. of course, the people that have a lot of concerns are the people that live around alamo sq., park and knowing that the city did not have a lot of time to plan for what is going to be going on there. there is also concerned that alamo sq., park is between crissy field and city hall as you saw on that map. that is all within walkable distance and prepare for anything. >> thank you so much. anne makovic at crissy field. and again, the events happened canceled but some folks are saying that you expect people to turn out there as well as other locations around the city today so we will be staying on top of this all day long. we do have one more check of our forecast and i do want to mention that heatwave one more time. through today and most of next week, two digit temperatures and lens and we are going to stay away from the water. something to be mindful of but
7:58 am
it is time for us to call it a day. expect this will be your last newscast for at least a few weeks. >> six weeks. i am taking a little time off to have a baby. devon will be here saturday morning and phil and melissa on sunday. >> we are going to miss you. have you shared with the audience that it is a little boy ? >> we have, now. it is a little boy and we are calling him a bj, for now. -- baby j. for now.
7:59 am
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